Recover Deleted GIT Commits

Have you ever force-deleted a branch from GIT by accident? Of course, it confirms with you first, but chances are you were deleting other branches, too, and this one got in the way. Luckily for you, it’s possible to retrieve these missing commits.

If you’re using GIT Extensions, you can use the GUI to accomplish the work. To do so, click on Repository > Git maintenance > Recover Lost Objects…

Recover Deleted GIT Commits

Recover lost objects is a feature of Git that will locate dangling commits – commits without a reflog. You can also accomplish the below by running git fsck utility with the –full option.

Ordinarily GIT will remove these lost objects every two weeks through garbage collection. This means you have a limited window of time to recover anything you’ve lost. A helpful dialog will show while Git combs your local repository for dangling commits:

Recover Deleted GIT Commits

Once completed, you’ll see about two weeks-worth of sortable dangling commits:

Recover Deleted GIT Commits

You can check any number of commits that you want to recover. I’ve selected just one from the list. When you’re sure you’ve found the one you want to recover, click on [Recover selected objects].

You’re not done yet, though! You still have to find a place to put the now recovered commit. Close the dialog to see the commit you’ve recovered. Unfortunately it is based on the original date, so you may have to scroll back pretty far:

Recover Deleted GIT Commits

Once you’ve located your missing commit, all you have to do is create a branch at that commit, and you’ve recovered your data!

Recover Deleted GIT Commits

SSL now a ranking criteria on Google

Google has recently announced that they have started and will continue to rank sites that use SSL throughout the site higher than sites that don’t.  Aside from the obvious security reasons for implementing SSL on pages with protected data, this raises a strong argument for implementing SSL or increasing your use of SSL if you don’t already use it on all pages of your site.

We are recommending that all of our clients move forward with a full implementation of SSL.  If you are unsure what SSL is or how you would go about implementing it on your site, feel free to reach out to us at 866-313-0106 to discuss your options.

You can read more about this move here:


Computer Programming for Kids

Many students don’t get the chance to take a computer science class until high school or even college…a missed opportunity for our younger children. While it’s easy to see the importance of teaching kids how to use a computer, it might be just as valuable to teach them how to program. Not only does it show them what’s happening inside their computer and how computers communicate but it also teaches our kids other important skills like; math, logic and problem solving.

Microsoft has come up with a solution that is fun and educational for younger kids. Microsoft Kodu Game Lab is a visual programming language designed for the newer generations. Most IT types will enjoy the simplicity on the surface and the potential for advanced logic if desired.

Excellent tutorials teach the basics of logic and how to program several different characters to interact with their environment. You can teach small children how to program a Kodu, Rover, cycle or other objects to move with keyboard controls that can be customized easily.

One starts with a customizable world where the geography can be created with grade-school friendly tools. Then some sort of character is placed into the scene and programmed with a “When-Do” (If-Then) language that youngsters understand. Right click the character and click “Program” and a dialog gives a line “When + Do +” where the plus sign is clicked to add to the statement. When a Kodu “sees” an apple, it moves toward it, eats it, moves away from it, or whatever. Adding counters for apples eaten can be displayed in a choice of colors to keep score until a certain number is reached or a count-down timer ends the game.

For more advanced play, Kodu’s can interact with each other and non-player characters can follow programmable pathways until something comes into their space and they shoot at it (if desired). Heat-seeking missiles can be programmed to chase you around the corner in a highly entertaining fashion. Your Kodu can be programmed to glow orange when something sees you or a button can create countermeasures in hopes the enemy will destroy the decoy.

If they want to move past Microsoft Kodu Game Lab, they can start programming with Microsoft XNA. Kodu Game Lab can be programmed entirely from an X-Box with an X-Box controller, mouse and keyboard. The possibilities, and learning potential, are limitless if one is both creative and proficient.

If they decide to continue learning as a student, Microsoft Dreamspark continues where Kodu ends.

Here, they can choose from many Microsoft Technologies and download free, full versions of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio and many more. Also available (free) on Dreamspark are training and certification tools such as Pluralsight, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Free Microsoft Press e-books and certification programs.

If successful, your child can learn important academic skills and  possibly gain a love for programming and logic.





Meet SharePoint 2013!

SharePoint 2013 comes with improved business intelligence capabilities and data sharing, helping enhance business decision making to new levels. Here’s a few things we think users will like most about the new release.

Social Enterprise
The new SharePoint 2013 lets your employees stay connected within the organization. Its social capabilities include micro blogs, activity feeds, community sites, following, likes and reputations. You can not only follow people but also websites, documents and topics and receive updates in your activity stream. You can join in conversations with your colleagues and also find out what is trending within the workplace using hash tags. With community sites, knowledge can be shared using reputation scores, best replies and gifted badges.

An App Store Within
Microsoft has introduced an Apps Store model within SharePoint 2013. The App store now facilitates users with an easy discovery, purchase, and installation process. SharePoint apps can be easily obtained by the users, which helps reduce the number of new feature requests for IT Departments.

Simplified Document Management With SkyDrive
The addition of SkyDrive in SharePoint 2013, has helped reduce the complexity and number of clicks to perform tasks. Users can now drag, drop and edit content directly into document libraries through a SkyDrive link on their desktops.

Easy Task Management
With the integration of MS Project 2013 with SharePoint 2013 task lists, users can now see a timeline of tasks and due dates, add and remove subtasks, quick edit tasks and color code.

Simple Email Integration
SharePoint now introduces the Site Mailbox which creates an exchange inbox for a SharePoint site. Users can easily share SharePoint sites through their site mailbox with a click of a button. Documents and attachments can be dragged and dropped directly from email messages into the document library within the SharePoint site.

SharePoint 2013 Goes Mobile
With the increasing use of smartphones, Microsoft now makes it easy to access SharePoint from mobile devices. Users can choose between two views: a contemporary view for optimized mobile browser experience and a full-screen view for a full desktop view of a SharePoint site on a smartphone device.

Shredded Storage Saves Space
In the previous versions of SharePoint, for every version of the file saved, a complete copy of the document was saved too. But with shredded storage, only changes are stored in subsequent versions saving space and increasing the speed of document retrieval.

If you’re thinking about implementing SharePoint 2013 for the first time or upgrading from a previous version, give us a call or complete the contact form on the right. We can help you make the implementation a success!

DLS Studios Team Event

Last week was the DLS Studios company outing. We booked a tour with the Chicago Brew Bus and thanks to Tim, our CEO – it was an all expense paid outing.

We toured Haymarket Brewery, Revolution and Moonshine.

Pondering the Selection at Revolution







The Bid-on-Equipment Crew







NOW Foods Team







I could go on and on about how great the breweries were but what really made the day fun, was the people I was with, my friends and workmates.

A big thanks to Chicago Brew Bus, the owner Kevin was super knowledgeable and a fun tour guide!

A big shout out to our CEO who helped us have a great time and made us feel appreciated!

For more pictures from the event, check out our Facebook Album!

Thank you Tim!


SharePoint Implementation Tips

I was given the task of rolling out SharePoint 2010 for our company.  Our goals for the project included increasing productivity, streamlining our processes and increasing collaboration. Not a small job but I was fortunate to already have buy-in company wide before starting. Without this, a costly and unsuccessful project would have been in my future.

A few important things I learned from our SharePoint implementation.

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