Custom Software Development
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Our Experience

DLS Software Studios has been creating custom applications for US organizations since 2006.  All development is done 100% by our team in the United States and none of the work is outsourced.

We have a technically diverse and experienced staff that will be with you through every phase of your project, from planning and business process decisions through design, development, quality assurance, go-live and ultimately supporting and maintaining your application.

If you’re considering a custom software application, it’s because there isn’t a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) application that perfectly meets your needs.  Trying to force your process into a software tool that isn’t perfect means that you’re going to lose productivity and won’t be able to take full advantage of your vision or experience.  We can help you turn your precise vision into exactly the tool you need.

Our Technologies

Our goal is to help give your business the edge it needs to stay competitive. From programs designed to improve business operations to external applications that add value to the customer, our engineers utilize best practices with a focus on security, maintainability, and performance.  Our experience and resources allow us to offer a wide range of technology choices to our clients.  In addition, our extensive cross-industry experience enables us to provide your business with the right tools designed to grow and maximize profit potential. We specialize in open source (WordPress, Magento, PHP), Microsoft (.Net framework & SQL Server),  and mobile technologies such as:

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP)
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Microsoft (C# .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL Server)
  • Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)
  • Cloud solutions
  • …and More
Our process

Our development process assures that your requirements are fully understood at the beginning of the project, but also allows us to respond flexibly to feedback processand any requirements gaps that are identified throughout the process so the end result is a site that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Discovery – First we meet with you to fully define your objectives and requirements. Those requirements are thoroughly documented in laymen’s terms, but can also be used in later phases as a developer blueprint and test plan.  The discovery process includes iterations of requirements review and revisions until you’ve signed off on a project that fully meets your needs.  Once approved, requirements are broken down into tasks that can be assigned and developed individually, which will allow for clear progress reporting throughout the project.
  • Wireframing – Where needed to approve the layout of a site or specific feature, wireframes will be created for review and approval. Tuning the layout at this stage before the design or development processes begin can greatly reduce effort and cost.
  • Design – Once wireframes have been approved, the design mockups will be created that implement styling and branding to demonstrate what the final solution will look like. We use an iterative process here as well, taking feedback on initial mockups to dictate the final design.  Although the development phase may have been started simultaneously, no layout or design implementation will start prior to design mockup approval.
  • Development – The development phase starts with a full review of all requirements and the involvement of a senior software engineer who will architect the solutions to meet all of the known requirements as well as allow for the scalability and flexibility of future growth and future requirements. A security specialist will review the architecture to verify that all critical security concerns will be addressed with this architecture.  As major components or features of the solution are completed, our quality assurance team will test that functionality, both standalone and in context to any other completed components.   As unique functionality is completed, those features can be demonstrated so you can provide feedback well in advance of completion of the solution.   After all functionality is complete and all content has been created, our quality assurance team will perform a full regression test against the initial requirements of the system to verify that all requirements are met and the system is bug free and performing as expected.  A security specialist will also do a review of the final code and architecture to verify it is completely secure.
  • User Acceptance Testing – Prior to go-live, a limited test of the system will be performed by a user group that you determine. This is typically a group of internal users and/or stakeholders that can provide feedback on the functionality and user experience.  This is also where we will typically train any content administrators to use the system.  If any changes are needed, the feedback will be documented and the system will move back to the development stage.  Because of the detailed requirements and feedback solicited in earlier stages of the project, this will usually result in only minor adjustments needed.  Depending on the scope of adjustments, a 2nd user acceptance testing phase may not be required.
  • Deployment – In this final phase, the staging hosting environment, which was used in user acceptance testing, will be configured to act as a production environment because it has been fully tested. Any site data or content that has changed since the development phase will be migrated or created.  Any testing data, where applicable, will be removed.  The site will then be made public.
  • Support and Maintenance – After the solution is live, ongoing maintenance of the hosting environment, backups, and website will begin. We’ll provide ongoing monitoring services for the system, watching for errors, broken links, server and software patches and updates.  Any future functionality or design/branding changes requested will go through the applicable steps above.  Support and training requests will be handled quickly.  Due to the structure of our support teams, there will always be more than one team member available at any time that knows your system and can respond.

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