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The Sign-up Sheets WordPress Plugin is an online sign-up sheet manager where your users or volunteers can sign up for tasks that you set up.

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Feature Free Pro
Unlimited sign-up sheets
Create an unlimited number of sheets.
Unlimited tasks
Add an unlimited number of tasks on each sheet.
Custom fields on sign-up form and tasks
Add unlimited custom fields on sign-up forms and tasks. Ability to mark for all sheets or set as sheet-specific. Supported field types are text, textarea, checkbox, radio button and dropdown.
Clear spots through admin
Admin can quickly clear spots when necessary.
Self-removal on sign-ups
Using a secure link in their confirmation email, users can remove their own sign-up record.
Reminder emails
Automatically send reminder emails before an event. (optional)
Set dates on tasks
Dates can be assigned on the task-level rather than just the sheet. (optional)
Copy a sheet
Copy over all sheet information and tasks to a fresh sheet.
BCC additional emails on all signups/removals
Add one or more email address as a BCC on all sign-up and removal emails. This can be set globally and by sheet. (optional)
reCAPTCHA on sign-up form
Enable reCAPTCHA on your sign-up forms for extra SPAM protection. (optional)
Set categories on sheets and filter by category with the [sign_up_sheet] shortcode
“Phone” and “Address” field as optional or hide
Set these fields as optional or just hide them altogether. This can be set for each field globally and by sheet.
Customize display name
Change how names are displayed on the public facing sheets to show first name and last initial, full name, or keep everyone anonymous.
Display all sign-up data on frontend
Show all the data your users entered on their sign-up form on the sheet on the frontend. This is best used in a secure password protected area of your site or on a local environment. (optional)
“Remember Me” checkbox
Allow users to have your site remember their vital info (name, email, phone, address) for future sign-ups during that visit on your site. (optional)
WYSIWYG Visual Editor
Visual Editor for sheet description field so you can format your sheet description easily.
Edit Email Messages
Edit the body of your sign-up confirmation, removal confirmation and reminder emails.
Compact View Option
Display each task on one line as opposed to a new line for each available spot. (optional)
Export as CSV
Download all sign-up information to a CSV.
Export as CSV by Sheet
Download sign-up information by sheet to a CSV.
Change Task Title Label
Edit the task title label to anything you like. Defaults to “What”
Multiple shortcodes on a page
The ability to display more than 1 shortcode on a single page or post.


  • Sheet Listing (Lite and Pro)
  • Sheet Detail Page (Lite and Pro)
  • Sign-up Form Custom Fields in Admin (Pro)
  • Sign-up Form with Custom Fields (Pro)


How do I create a Sign-up Sheet page on my site?

You can do this by creating any page or post and adding the shortcode `[sign_up_sheet]` to the content. Then, go to the "Sign-up Sheets" section of your WP admin and create a new sheet.

Can I change the "from" address on the confirmation email?

Yes, in `Settings > Sign-up Sheets` you can specify any email you want. It defaults to the email address set in `Settings > General`.

How do I add a custom "Comments" field to the sign-up forms? (pro version)

  1. In the WordPress Admin, go to Settings > Sign-up Sheets
  2. Under the heading “Sign-up Form” and then”Custom fields” you will find a row of fields with headings like “Name”, “Slug”, “Type”, etc.
  3. Enter the text “Comments” under the field in the Name column
  4. Under Slug you can leave it blank and it will be automatically generated.  Or you can enter a value you want. This is not displayed on the front-end, but just identifiers the field in the database.
  5. Under Type select “Textarea”
  6. Leave Options blank since this is not needed for a Textarea.  However, if you are adding Checkbox, Radio or Select options you can enter each new option on a new line and they will display on the front-end
  7. Under Sheets you can select “All” to display this new Comments field on all sheets or select one or more existing sheets if you only want it to display for certain ones.
  8. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom
  9. Confirm by going to your sign-up sheet on the front-end and clicking the “Sign-up” link to view the form.  You should now see a Comments textarea added to the bottom of the form.

What is the difference between "Custom Task Fields" and "Custom Sign-up Fields" (pro version)

Custom Task Fields (on the Sign-up Sheet) Fields that appear when you create or edit a sheet in the admin on each task that you create. They are for display purposes only on the front-end. Custom Sign-up Fields (on the Sign-up Form) Fields that the users fill out on the front-end on the form they use to sign-up for an open spot.

How do I download the plugin again?

The link in your Purchase Receipt email will expire after 72 hours.  If you would liked to download the plugin again you can log in to your account page of our site as long as you placed your order you were using an existing or newly registered user account.


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