Custom Software and Your Business – Part 2

Interested in learning how Custom Software can help your business?

This is the final section of a 2-part series on custom software and your business (you can find part 1 here).

We have already established that custom software has the ability to dramatically improve your business. The increased flexibility and control of a custom solution provides an improved ability to manage and operate your entire organization. Custom applications can also improve the ability to support employees by increasing their productivity and therefore, improving customer experiences. But, what about costs? Read below to discover how implementing a custom solution may create cost reductions in your business.

Custom software can result in cost reductions

Many business owners or Chief Information Officers shy away from investigating a custom solution based on a fear of the cost. This fear is often based on a short-term view of the initial cost (which can be  higher than an “off-the shelf” program). However, in reviewing the long-term cost implications, custom solutions often offer cost savings through reduced operational costs. Custom developed software can increase the speed of transactions or processes and is often able to do much of the work that may have been done by employees in the past. In terms of costs, keep the following points in mind:

  • Most businesses are experiencing lost time and task redundancy based on “off-the-shelf” programs. How much time and money is wasted on lack of efficiency or productivity? While this cost can be difficult to quantify, it’s important to keep in mind, especially over the long term.
  • When developing a custom solution,  it is entirely possible for business owners to control costs by adjusting the level of functionality and scope they are seeking.  They can prioritize features and streamline processes in order to reduce costs.
  • “Off the shelf” programs often include an initial purchase price for the product and include a limited number of licenses. Additional licenses can be purchased at an additional cost.  Custom solutions do not require licensing fees.
  • Custom software can, in some instances, replace multiple poorly performing programs throughout the organization. Thus, reducing the licensing fees and support costs for those programs.
  • Upgrades on custom programs include the specific changes that will improve your operations, while upgrades to an “off-the-shelf” solution may or may not include requested changes or positively affect your business.

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