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Microsoft patch due Thursday for IE hole

IT Consulting News – Microsoft Patch

by: Glenn Chapman

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Microsoft will release a patch on Thursday for an Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) software hole through which China-based cyber spies attacked Google and other firms.

“Microsoft continues to see limited attacks, and to date, the only successful attacks have been against Internet Explorer 6,” the US software giant said Wednesday while announcing the “out-of-band” security update.

“We recommend that customers install the update as soon as it is available.” Continue reading “Microsoft patch due Thursday for IE hole”

Software developers hop on cloud bandwagon

Software Development News – What Cloud Computing Really Means

by: Paul Krill

San Francisco – Is mass acceptance of cloud computing inevitable, given that most major IT vendors are shouting it from the rooftops and IBM even talks about the cloud in a TV commercial? The debate rages on. For software developers, however, it has become clear that cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure are expanding options for their application deployments. (Windows Azure currently is in beta preview and moves to a full production stage on Feb. 1.)

With computing in public clouds, applications are deployed on third-party servers and accessed over the Internet, saving enterprises infrastructure costs but raising concerns in areas such as security and control. Continue reading “Software developers hop on cloud bandwagon”