Are IT Consultants a Cost-Effective Option?

Think IT Consultants are too costly? It’s time to reassess!

When meeting with new clients, there is a common perception that consultants cost too much and that using internal IT staff is more cost-effective and economical. Time and again, we have been able to show this is often not the case. See below for more information on why utilizing IT consultants may be less costly than using internal IT staff and overall a better choice for your company. Or, contact us today to discuss.

Easy to define costs

Let’s review the most obvious and easy to define costs of using internal IT staff. While these costs may vary depending on position and organization, most likely the majority of the following costs should be considered:

  • Recruitment costs
  • Annual salary and bonus
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • 401k (if offered)
  • Sick and vacation time
  • Potential unemployment costs

Less obvious costs

There are many costs associated with using internal IT staff that may be less obvious than the above hiring and employment costs. While some of these less obvious costs can be tracked and linked to a monetary value,  some are more general “pain points” that can be more difficult to quantify yet can have very negative impact on organization. What the “costs” the organization is subjective but to get an idea of these less obvious costs, it is important to ask the following questions:

  • What will it cost your organization if your IT resources don’t have the vision of both the short and long term implications of their IT solution selections?
  • Are they able to provide the right combination of experience, knowledge, and perspective to the project?
  • What is the cost of their time? Do your IT employees have the time to devote to the project? Will the rest of the organization be negatively impacted by their change in focus? How long will it take them to analyze the solution, implement and support it and can your organization manage that long?
  • Are they able to be objective and truly choose the best decision for the organization without taking into account office politics or how that decision will impact their own position or staff
  • What is the cost if they are wrong? Consider the costs associated with lost hours spent toward implementing the wrong solution

Most organizations seek IT updates because it will improve their business. They want the best solution with the least amount of cost and the fastest turnaround time.  IT consultants are able to bring their expertise to the table without the costs associated with hiring or continued employment. The organization is able to move forward toward achieving their IT objectives without disrupting daily operations as their internal IT staff is still available to meet those needs. Consultants are able to provide an objective, well-rounded vision used to analyze and implement the best solution based on diverse, proven experience from various industries and technologies.

Are you looking for IT Consulting in Chicago and beyond?

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