Software Development – Yield-Return for More Efficient Code

In the world of C# programming, the yield-return mechanism isn’t used very often but can be used to help developers write cleaner and more efficient code. When might a yield-return make sense? According to Visual Studio magazine, you may want to consider a yield-return in the following scenarios:

  • Generating a sequence of strings where each string in the sequence depends on the value of the previous string
  • Processing a text file sequentially where different kinds of lines are treated differently
  • Sequentially filtering or modifying a large List collection of objects

For more on how software developers might utilize the C# yield-return, check out the original article here.


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Microsoft Hosting SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event

SQL Server IT

Microsoft is hosting a virtual launch event for SQL Server 2012 on March 7, 2012.  This event will give attendees access to over 30 sessions to review the new capabilities and features of SQL Server 2012. The event will feature keynotes by the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Business Platform Division – Ted Kummert and Quentin Clark, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Database Systems Group.


For more information about this event or to register, visit the Microsoft SQL Server page found here.

Document Management Software – SharePoint Tips for ASP.NET Developers

Document Management Software Tips

As IT consultants who offer document management software to companies in Chicago and beyond, we’re always looking for tips to share with our developers. For some ASP.Net developers, they may find SharePoint to be quite a challenge. Here are some tips to help make the transition to SharePoint much easier. Read more


Object Mapping Made Simpler

AutoMapper is an open source library that was built to make life a little easier for developers.

This convention-based object-object mapping tool helps eliminate some of the tedious code needed to map classes from one format to another.

For more info check out the C# Corner of Visual Studio Magazine here. 


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Is JavaScript in Your Future?

Some may have doubted the future of JavaScript but this ubiquitous language is here to stay.

JavaScript programming application development

“Of course I am only repeating what others are preaching about the recent rise of JavaScript. But I think the movement is significant and can’t be overstated. And recent developments are really even making it more and more interesting.

Nobody can deny that JavaScript is the de facto programming language of Html5. Every other language trying to bolt itself onto Html5 looks like pure friction so far. And Html5 is looking upon a prospering future.

Today we are used to some established JavaScript frameworks that make working with JavaScript more fun and productive. jQuery seems to emerge as the clear leader by popularity here.

More recently tons of javascript application frameworks (so called MVC frameworks) are emerging, that facilitate programming complex applications inside the browser and taking most of the traditional presentation-logic away from the server” says blogger Jonas Bandi.

For more on the future of JavaScript, read the full post here.