Portfolio Builder Pro – WordPress Plugin

Portfolio Builder is a flexible portfolio management tool.

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Feature Lite Pro
Multiple Layouts
Choose from a 1 column, 2 column or 3 column layout.
Responsive Design
Flexible layout that will look great on a variety of screen sizes.
Custom URL Slug
By default your portfolio will be available at www.yoursite.com/portfolio.  A custom slug allows you to change this to display as virtually anything you like such as www.yoursite.com/your-custom-slug
Custom Category
Create your own category/taxonomy such as “Clients” or “Project Types” to classify your portfolio items as you need.
Filter by Category
If you mark a category as “filterable” your users will be able to search by that category on your portfolio listing page.
Relate by Category
If you mark a category as “relatable” you portfolio item will get a new tab on the detail page that lists all other related projects.
Multiple Categories
Add an unlimited number of categories with which to organize and filter your portfolio.